Han has been a steadicam operator for over 8 years now. From building steadicams in their dad’s workshop to working with some of the industries top engineers, Han works closely and efficiently with the camera team to create beautiful shots that enhance the visual.

Currently, Han is working as a steadicam operator for director of photography Tania Lambert ACS on the tv production of ‘Bad Behaviour’ to be released on Stan. Han has experience operating Steadicam on TV commercials, tv productions, one take projects, creative and improvised projects short and long as well as on tracking vehicles (Polaris and Rickshaw).

Below is a selection of works released and chosen to showcase on this website. For a large range of projects to watch please contact

Equipment Available

  • SteadyRig Sled
  • SteadyRig Silver Arm
  • Master Series Vest
  • Small HD 702 Monitor
  • Vaxis Atom SDI and HDMI TX/RX
  • J Braket
  • Hi Post Extension 4, 8, 12″ options
  • S.O.S Plate
  • V Lock Batteries (6x 143wh, 2x 93wh)
  • Magliner Trolley
  • Sprinter Van
  • Dual Cab ute 4×4
  • Vehicle Hard mount
  • Vehicle towball mount
  • On set bags
  • Cinesaddle small and large options
Steadicam Operator of this Commercial. Shot on Arri Alexa Mini LF with anamorphic lenses.
Steadicam Operator on this music video for Juice Webster – ‘Stupid Girl’. Shot on Arri Alexa Mini LF.

Steadicam Operator of this music video ‘Waste Our Breath’. Shot on Red.
Steadicam Operator on Give Me My Name Back Music Video for Meg Mac
Shot entirely on Steadicam
Steadicam Operator on ‘Euphoria’. One shot music video. Shot on C500 Mii.
Steadicam Operator of this music video. Show on Arri Alexa Mini.
Steadicam Operator on Gone Music Video for Caiti Baker
Shot on Steadicam and Handheld/Tripod
Steadicam Operator on Way Back Down Music Video for DUO
Shot Entirely on Steadicam